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Before buying goods and services, most people take their time before they can arrive at a decision. This helps them make good choices while avoiding bad ones. In the past, consumers depended on the consumer report magazine for information that would help them choose excellent service providers and product sellers.

Many of them also spend time asking around for recommendations, checking out advertisements, among other things. It helped them collect as much information as possible to either forewarn them of danger of predict awesome outcomes for their money.

Ultimately, many people are now buying stuff off the Internet and are still going through the same channels they used to discover products. For instance, the consumer still relies on websites that have a similar model as the consumer report magazine for updates about industries. Others get the information they need to make decisions from reviews websites, affiliate knowledge sites and customer review sections of major e-commerce websites.

Essay writing companies

The relationship between essay writing companies and the students is an intricate one. Before one is able to find a competent essay writing company, they will have taken their time to understand what is available them. Many will try to read about the company, before asking for their help. In the absence of open customer reviews on these websites, students need to look at reviews written on independent sites like for the information they need about said companies.

Why reviews are important

There are very many essay writing companies out there. Some of them are good while others are scams out to make a killing off innocent student. Since the repercussions of using bad ones are dreaded, reviews are the only way a student can use to vet them. has all the information a student will need before they can hire a competent custom essay writing company.

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How it works

For this website to deliver on its functions, we have found reviews about essay writing services from none other than their customers. They wrote and rated the companies they use on this website. After we had analyzed the companies in question, we were able to create an index of top ones. Always remember that our lists change as we receive new information/feedback from students who have used them.

To add on that, we also asked some of our experts to write summary reviews about essay writing companies on this website after they had investigated them.